Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship is an important thing to consider especially in light of the new bill allowing the government and service providers to view and sell your browsing history. I think it is important to be aware of what makes up your digital footprint, and try to confine it to what you want to define you; however, I also understand the urge to google random things that pop up in conversation or on TV and so on. It is hard to balance what I want my professional self to look like, and my curiosity for what meth is made of what watching Breaking Bad.

Teaching the younger generations about this topic is a tricky business. Especially for places like my home town where the internet has still not quite caught on in the classroom. This is because the older generation does not rely on technology, and in the slow moving climate of the deep South, this might take years to change. I think we should create online educational systems that pop up on facebook and snapchat and social media so that kids who do not get these lessons in school can glean something about their digital citizenship.

Moving forward, I am extremely paranoid about my digital footprint. With the government and who knows who else accessing my history I worry, Will the brief history of LSD I gave my roommate from Google come back to bite me? Is it possible that my research on communism will keep me from getting a job? Will my exploration of ISIS get me on the no fly list? Or, will all these trivial things be ignored? I anxiously await the answer.


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