Defensive Contract

My group did not stick to our contract as well as expected; however, all changes made resulted in a great final product that I would not change. Our original plan of the site included three pages on social justice instead of two, but after making the pages, I felt that it would be best to combing two of these pages. By doing this, I made these pages more ascetically pleasing. I also made this change because there was less information on both topics available than I had originally imagined.

Another change that was made was our website theme. We toyed with this a lot after making our contract because while we originally imagined the 2016 theme to be fine, we later found that this theme did not do everything we wanted it to. The main issue we had was the menu which gave us a run for our money, but by changing the theme, we were able to create a great looking and easy to navigate menu for our site.

Another change we have made to our contract was our due dates. Unfortunately, we were not able to stay quite on top of our deadlines for various reasons. Our site was not finished when we had originally planned because Rev. Mark Ward took a while to get back to us with the documents we needed. He also changed our direction a tad with his suggested focus on Amendment One. Life also got in the way of our deadlines forcing us to use a little more time to create our site.

As stated, we did not stay on top of our contract, but that might not be a bad thing. Our site is well-done and looks great, and that is what truly matters!


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