Hypothesis and Other Work

Hypothesis was incredibly easy to navigate. I accidentally annotated the wrong cite, so the folk dance group has extra annotations The Black Mountain College page was well written and had a lot of information, but the text seemed too dense and there was nothing interactive on the cite. I felt like I was looking at a textbook instead of a website. I also did not like the images of the letters and papers they had posted because they appeared messy and were obviously taken on a camera phone. Editing those will help their cite look more professional.

This week, I have been going through the Amendment One information Mark sent me. Hopefully, I will have that information and my citations added by the end of the week. I am also toying with the idea of merging two of my pages, but I am not sure that I will because I like the separation for organizational purposes. The only issue is that both pages are lacking in information as they are small topics.


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