Productive Failure

Towards the beginning of our project, I created a thinglink image to provide an interactive way for visitors to engage with websites for organizations the UU church donates to. I was really excited about adding the images to the site, but when I attempted to do so, I only saw code, no image. I tried saving the image and adding it as a picture, but the links were not active. I asked my roommate to help me, but he could not figure out how to do it. I asked a friend in the computer science department to help me, but he could not do it. I began to worry, I would never be able to add my thinglinks to our site. Fortunately, our technology department in the library was able to explain what was wrong. I needed a plugin on wordpress. After this explanation, it took all of five minuets to add the plugin and paste the embed code for my thinglink on the code section of my page. I had spent days worrying and aimlessly pasting the code on the page for a quick fix that took me all of five minuets. I am proud to say, I now know how to use thinglink in conjunction with wordpress. It is as simple as copy and paste- after you have the plugin of course.


Hypothesis and Other Work

Hypothesis was incredibly easy to navigate. I accidentally annotated the wrong cite, so the folk dance group has extra annotations The Black Mountain College page was well written and had a lot of information, but the text seemed too dense and there was nothing interactive on the cite. I felt like I was looking at a textbook instead of a website. I also did not like the images of the letters and papers they had posted because they appeared messy and were obviously taken on a camera phone. Editing those will help their cite look more professional.

This week, I have been going through the Amendment One information Mark sent me. Hopefully, I will have that information and my citations added by the end of the week. I am also toying with the idea of merging two of my pages, but I am not sure that I will because I like the separation for organizational purposes. The only issue is that both pages are lacking in information as they are small topics.