This week, I have worked on finishing up two of my pages. I switched our cite’s theme to twenty seventeen because it was easier to navigate, and I figured out how to add pages with drop down menus to the top on the cite. I have almost finished the social justice page but need to figure out how to arrange pictures and text to sit next to each other, and the related organizations page is also finished with the exception of the thinglink images being added. This week I plan to meet with Ann Ogg to discuss these issues and hopefully resolve them. I also plan to go back to special collections to get some notes on the UUCA’s letter writing campaign against planned parenthood bombings and their anti-KKK agenda. By Wednesday, I hope to have the information for these two events and possibly one more on the SAC history page. I would also like to find some images for this page. If I accomplish this, my pages should be finished except the information on amendment one which I will have to arrange to get from Mark at the church.


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