While looking at history entries on Wikipedia I noticed a few things. The first is that there are citations in the text that link you to sources for the material given. This is helpful for research purposes. I also noticed that links are made in the material to other Wikipedia pages that detail the people and events relevant to the topic at hand but not fully discussed. I also explored some of the pictures found on the pages which seem to all be located on Wikimedia commons, one of the cites we discussed with Gene that can be used to find images in the public domain. Overall, I think the Wikipedia pages are useful; however the ability for anyone to edit the pages creates a problem in finding reliable information.


My Timeline and Map

I made a timeline on basic US history. Having used timeline before, I had no surprises when using this tool. I am not sure how to post the timeline on this site, but have listed the link above.

I also created a storymap of the places I’ve been. This tool was tricky at first, but I understand it now.


Game Plan

My group’s plan is to use Friday afternoons as well as the time we have when class does not meet to conduct research in Special Collections. We also plan to visit the church after Gene contacts them to inform them of our project.

As for the tool discussed in class Wednesday, I think they could be very useful. I have experience with timeline, and was thinking about using this tool to create a timeline of the Church. Storymap and Timemapper could be used to show various events such as the women’s march that the church has participated in. They could also be used to show other churches related to the ones in Asheville. Thinglink is also a cool tool that could be used for our oral histories. We could use pictures of congregations with tags giving quotes to the different members. We could also use Thinglink to show the purpose of different rooms in the church through tags on a map.

With these tools and my group’s study plan, I think that we are on our way to a great digital project!